Rate cut is welcome to simulate growth

Drastic short-term measures are the only option at present but fiscal discipline is critical


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Letter to Editors

Hmong refugees at Nong Khai jail are suicidal

On January 15, a high-level Thai delegation from Bangkok was expected to visit the 158 Hmong refugees held at....

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  • Bangkok's best bars and pubs
    Our nightlife reporter bids weekend a fond farewell with a recap of her seven favourite watering holes

  • Get it while it's tasty
    Thai and international favourites, plus a few exotic items, are prepared in an open-kitchen

  • Babymime in full view
    The acclaimed Thai pantomime troupe collaborates with top director nikorn saetang for their first solo show

  • Shopping by the sea
    Along with the beach, there is an extensive selection of items worth browsing for in local markets


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