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Huge batch of creamer to be tested

FDA acts after high melamine in another of firm's products

Huge batch of creamer to be tested

Officials at a supermarket in Chiang Mai inspect cans of unsweetened condensed skimmed milk using a palmoil formula. They confiscated samples to be tested for melamine contamination.

The Food and Drug Administration has confiscated more than 200,000 kilograms of non-dairy creamer products and 448,675 kilograms of raw material from Thai Dairy Industry to test for melamine content, FDA deputy secretary-general Dr Narangsan Peerakij said yesterday.

He spoke after finding high melamine contamination in the company's unsweetened condensed skimmed milk using a palm-oil formula.

The FDA suspects that the product has the same ingredients as the tainted non-sweet condensed milk product, he said.

The samples of non-dairy creamer products and raw material are being tested at the laboratory of the Medical Sciences Department in the Public Health Ministry. If the tests result show the products are safe, the FDA will allow the company to relaunch its product on the market and continue using the same raw material to produce milk products.

Earlier, FDA inspectors randomly collected 10 samples of milk product from Thai Daily Industry's plant for examination and detected 92.82 milligrams of melamine compound per kilogram in unsweetened condensed skimmed milk with a palm-oil formula.

This violated the FDA standard of not more than 1 milligram per kilo or 2.5 milligrams per kilogram of milk-based food and beverages. The company will face a fine of Bt5,000 to Bt 20,000 and its executives imprisonment of six months to two years if convicted of selling tainted product.

The FDA ordered the company to recall its non-sweet condensed milk product and pull all similar products off the shelves.

On Wednesday, the FDA confiscated 154,164 cans of the product to test for melamine content.

The company informed the FDA that it imported powdered milk from Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, India, New Zealand and Burma.

But in the non-sweet condensed milk product with expiry date of January 16, 2008, the company has used only raw material imported from New Zealand.

The FDA ordered the company to destroy the tainted product lot.

However, since the FDA ran the test for melamine contamination in milk product and food-based milk product, Narangsan confirms that the powdered milk for infant products are safe for consumption.

Jiraporn Limpananont of the Foundation for the Consumer, said the company must reveal all the information it has about the raw material and clearly declare its responsibility to the consumer.

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