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Bangkok governor being sued over buildings in Soi Ruamrudee

Grand Chamberlain of the Bureau of the Royal Household and residents of Soi Ruamrudee decided yesterday to seek legal action against the Bangkok governor and the Pathumwan district director for allegedly allowing illegal building construction.

The suit is filed with the Central Administrative Court.

Lawyer Chalermpong Klabdee from the Foundation for Consumers said he was representing Grand Chamberlain Khwankeo Vajarodaya, the Royal Household's Dr Songkram Sapcharoen and 24 residents of Soi Ruamrudee.

The governor and district director are being sued for allegedly permitting the construction of buildings taller than what is allowed by law and for ignoring their complaints.

The group is also seeking suspension and removal of the illegal structures.

According to ministerial regulations, buildings on a road that is less than 10metres in width can be no higher than 23 metres.

However, in 2005 two buildings taller than 23m were allowed to be constructed on Soi Ruamrudee, which is less than 10m in width. This in turn affected the residents because the two big buildings caused heavier traffic jams in the soi, which connects to Wireless and Ploenchit roads.

These traffic jams also put residents in added danger because backed up traffic would not give fire trucks easy access should there be a blaze.

"It has been two years and seven months that the residents have filed complaints with the governor and the district director, but they were ignored and the construction has continued," the lawyer explained.

Though Chalermpong failed to identify the owner of the buildings, he did say that they both belonged to the same entity.

However, he said, though the construction began during Apirak Kosayodhin's term, the complaints had been filed against the office of Bangkok governor.



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