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Southern trains could not leave for Bangkok

Anti-government supporters in Songkhla on Friday is pressuring Transport Minister Santi Prompat for the permission for the resumption of southern trains to Bangkok, which remain suspended on security reason.


 Sumit Nuanmanee, a leader of People's Alliance for Democracy in Songkhal, said that the PAD members have submitted an open letter to Santi. He said the State Railway of Thailand spent two days in advance preparing for the service resumption today. Therefore, the security issue could not be highlighted as the reason for the service halt.

 The SRT on Thursday announced that workers in the South would return to work today after 14-day work stoppage, and all the halted trains would be gradually in service. However, the Hat Yai station received the Transport Ministry's order early morning, which cancelled all 8 trains scheduled to leave for Bangkok.

 Sumit said that the government instead feared that more protesters would go to join the demonstration in Bangkok.

 He claimed that protesters would gather at the Hat Yai station, to pressure for the resumption of all services within 24 hours.

 In the letter, the PAD ask for Santi's resignation to show his responsibility for this.


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