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Blame Game in Parliament

The Parliament's special session organised to defuse tensions continues on Sunday with the government blamed the rising political tension on protesters while the Opposition and the Senate pointed the fingers at the government.

Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej strongly criticised People's Alliance for Democracy of instigating people to go against him and the government.

He said PAD leaders have political hidden agenda to oust him for their own benefits.

Defending himself, Samak said he is appointed as prime minister through general election, therefore, to oust him should be conducted through legal ways, not by the protests.

He also retaliated against Democrat Party deputy leader Jurin Laksanavisith that the joint Senate-House debate was not for censuring him.

Samak said all the allegations Jurin cited to attack him were allegations raised after the People's Alliance for Democracy had already launched a protest against his government by rallying at the Makkhawan Bridge.

He said the debate was not aimed for a showdown with the opposition.

Samak also said there was nothing wrong for the government to amend the Constitution because the charter had provisions to allow the amendments.

Meanwhile People Power Party MP Natthawut Saikua blamed the PAD for the on-going political crisis.

He said the PAD causes the problems by violating the laws.

He said the PAD's demands for the government not to amend the Constitution also contradicted its own demand to establish a new order of politics.

Natthawut said the PAD's seizure of the Government House and raids against several government offices also led to complaints of many people who wondered whether the country belonged to the PAD.

Speaking at the same session, Senator Rosana Tositrakul Sunday said the government has worsened the situation by having police take tough actions against the protesters Friday by assaulting them and demolishing their rally facilities.

She said the government also made the situation worse by raising treason charges against the protesters. She said such a tough charge would drive more people to come out to join the rallies.

Rosana said the government would have to change its behaviors to try to tackle the crisis.

Meanwhile Deputy Democrat Party leader Jurin Laksanavisit said that it was the Samak Government that caused the problems in the country.

The government, particularly Prime Minister Samak, are major causes that widened the problems.


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