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Weekend picks

Enormous flower motifs grow from retro-style furniture at Sha Bha Shine

Weekend picks

Beautiful blossoms are being born from a paintbrush at Sha Bha Shine, a hip furniture store. The artistic furniture makers depict nature on unique country-style products for home and garden.  Many years ago, the owner Piyanat "Jam" Terapongsakorn, opened a store in Chatuchak Weekend Market to sell curios and street-wear fashions from abroad. But Piyanat fell in love with painting and country-style furniture. In 2002, she renovated the store and joined with her artist friend Yaovapa Saijun to launch an attractive collection of paintings and hand-painted wooden decorative items with their own designs under the label Sha Bha Shine.

"I love painting and hand-painted decor items. I got the idea for launching my products after I found a piece of country-style furniture at an open-air flea market in Los Angeles many years ago," says a Jam, a graduate of Assumption University's Faculty of Business Administration.

Over the years, Sha Bha Shine has become known for its home decor items and furnishings. A big breakthrough for the company was its showing of hand-painted wooden furniture and decorative items at the 2004 Bangkok International Gift and Houseware Fairs (BIG+BIH) and Baan Lae Suan Fair.

Recently Sha Bha Shine branched out with a new store on Charoen Sanitwong Soi 77. The old two-storey wooden house contains plenty of hand-painted furniture and decorative items in English country-style that come in pastel shades. Most products are made of old teakwood and hardwood from the old wood market in Ayutthaya province.

Sha Bha shine's designs are inspired by Thai blossoms like lotuses, sunflowers, hibiscus, Chinese peonies and Mexican creepers. Some collections are inspired by animals, sailboats, beaches and seas.

"The old wood has a good quality. It's good for making furniture because it is so durable," explains Piyanat. "Our designs are English country-style featuring more details and cute designs, unlike American country-style, which focuses on bigger sizes and functions."

The products include wardrobes, cupboards, cabinets, armchairs, benches, tables, beds, drawers, bookshelves, dressing tables, stools, tissue holders, wall clocks, paintings and storage boxes.

Sha Bha Shine holds classes for making hand-painted decor items and furniture from Wednesday to Sunday. Prices are Bt1,200 and Bt12,000. 

The store also accepts custom-made orders.  

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A masterpiece for a private gallery in your home; a set of three wooden frames featuring a clump of beautiful pink lotuses. Priced at Bt15,000.


Sleep and have sweet dreams on this unique teakwood bed, featuring purple flowers. Cost is Bt35,000.


This off-white wooden storage locker features flowers and butterflies. It measures 80 by 40 by 25 centimetres and costs Bt3,500.


A line of attractive wooden chairs features Thai flowers comes in white and pink and green and pink. They can be turned into a storage box. Prices are Bt600.


An antique wooden cabinet with flowers comes in white and green for Bt15,000.

Tissue holders

This Bt300 array of unique wooden tissue holders features flowers in white and green.

Wall clocks

A range of innovative wooden wall-clocks featuring flower designs comes in pink and muddy white for Bt800.

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