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Stylish performer

The owner of a beauty business has fulfilled a childhood dream with his Nissan 300ZX, which keeps him in vogue

Published on February 6, 2008

Although he claims his life was distorted by the need to become a hairdresser, Sakchai Rabiebaoth has to admit that his profession allowed him to realise a childhood dream of owning a sports car.

"I was not interested in the beauty business at the start, but my parents forced me to take a course and that compelled me to develop an interest in this career. I have been involved in this business for almost 12 years now and it has helped me to fulfil my dream," he said.

Sakchai lived in Bangkok's Charoenkrung Road when he was a boy and his dream developed when he began admiring his neighbour's sports car. "I looked at that car each day when I rode past on my bicycle and decided that sometime in my life, I'd buy one like it. I cannot even remember what brand it was, but I recall it had two doors. Today, I own such a car, after waiting a long time."

Sakchai, who is now the owner of Colour Hair, an importer of hair dye, settled on a 1993 Nissan 300ZX. He had considered buying a used European or American sports car but decided that the Nissan was better value for money.

He is very happy with his choice. There are plenty of spare parts, the car has an attractive design - even though it is 15 years old - and it has a powerful B6 3-litre twin-turbo engine.

"I bought it from one of my friends, who has many cars. I was very lucky because it had only one owner before me and its engine is still perfect. I have knowledge of engines because I always follow stories related to vehicles, even though my skill is hairstyling. I remembered that this car received an endurance award, so I didn't hesitate, and snapped it up," Sakchai said.

Soon after buying the car, he had it repainted from bronze to white and changed to 18-inch wheels, so the car would hold the road more firmly.

"It's necessary to install additional accessories in a sporty car. Most importantly, people who are engaged in the beauty business must be in vogue. Unlike a car's wheels, my fashion never stops," he said.

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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