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Fine performance

Actor trades in his pickup for a BMW, then modifies it to meet his time constraints

Published on January 30, 2008

These days, many careers face a time-crunch problem, and acting is one of them. That's why Krish Suwannaphab had his car tuned up so that he could shorten his travelling time.

"I have a lot of performances now, and I have to manage my time efficiently to coordinate with each production crew. My time is important. I don't want to become one of those actors who come in late and don't take responsibility for their work. Some days, I have to shoot in Bangkok and then travel upcountry," he said.

He now drives a BMW E36 that first hit the road in 1995.

"I drove a pickup in recent years, because diesel used to be cheaper than petrol. But I changed to my BMW E36 once petrol and diesel cost the same, because I thought driving the pickup did not save time. I bought the BMW last year," he said.

He replaced its original 1.8-litre engine with a new one on his friend's advice that the original engine was quite old and would guzzle oil.

"My friend initially suggested I use a Japanese engine, but I thought it weird to have a Japanese motor in a European car. One day, I bumped into a friend of mine who drives the same model as I do, and he replaced his original engine with a more modern BMW

one. I thought his idea would work," he said.

He then decided to spend Bt350,000 to replace the original engine with one for an M3 that could pump out 300 horsepower.

"I like driving stick shift, and this engine was the only one with specs that were compatible with a manual transmission. It took around three months to install it and connect the wires.

The garage also reset my car suspension after I changed to using Koni springs to cope with the more powerful engine. I also changed to 19-inch tyres rated 235/35/R19. I did not change anything else," he said.

He said his Beemer hit a top speed of 260kph during a test run on the Expressway to Pattaya after his car's tuning was completed.

"In fact, I could rev it up more, but I slowed it down first. I'm looking for an M3 speedometer. I'm not a fast driver, but the time crunch forces me to speed up. My investment of Bt350,000 gives me some time to rest.

I hardly could take even a short break when I drove the pickup, because it was not fast. Most importantly, my present car's oil consumption is on a par with the pickup, so I think it was worth the money," he added.

Thanadol Rila

The Nation

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