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PPPled coalition hinges on the naming of prime minister: Sanan

Chart Thai Party chief adviser Sanan Kachornprasart said on Tuesday that his party and Puea Pandin jointly held the key to a successful formation of the new government and that the race to lead the coalition alliance would not be over before the naming of the next prime minister.

Sanan insisted neither the People Power Party nor the Democrat Party could form the coalition and make it work without the backing of the two mediumsized parties.

"Chart Thai and Puea Pandin will meet on January 2 to decide whether to join with the People Power and if the two could not reach an agreement, then they will walk a separate path," he said.

He said the slim majority of 254 House seats claimed by the People Power was insufficient to sustain a coalition. He also ruled out the possibility for the Democrats to garner 247 votes for an alliance, arguing the unfavourable odds for the new government to function.

Chart Thai leader Banharn Silapaarcha has yet to finalise his decision on the matter, he added.

In regard to the speculation about the People Power being red carded, he said he did not anticipate the Election Commission to disqualify so many MPselect.

"I don't think it is possible to remove 20to30 winning candidantes for electoral fraud," he said, noting that a remote chance to cancel the victory was to link the People Power for the distribution of video CDs featuring former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra who tried to sway votes inspite of his ban. He saw virtually no chance for this to happen.

He said he had full confidence in the EC for its fair ruling on electoral fraud.

He said that Democrat Party secretary general Suthep Thuagsuban claimed to be ready for the coalition formation because he anticipated a large number of red cards against the People Power.

He warned the People Power to closely monitor how its MPs would vote to elect the prime minister, pointing out that under the new political system, there would be a free vote on the premiership.

Before the appointment of prime minister was finalised, any agreements on the coalition alliance would remain tentative as a surprise could happen anytime if the majority of MPs decided not to vote the party line, he said.

He said his party's alliance with the Democrats was still intact until the new coalition would finally emerge. Should Chart Thai decide to switch to the new alliance, party leaders will definite meet and explain the decision to the Democrats in order to part way on an amicable term, he said.

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