Learning by doing

Without an IT degree, Araya Nokhong has forged a successful career and company in the fast-moving cut-throat....

Freshly Baked

Your Line

  • Dignity and justice for us all

    We celebrated Human Rights Day on December 10, and in a year's time we will be commemorating the 60th....
  • Women can take the lead

    In 2006, 4.3 million people were infected with HIV across the world, the highest ever annual number of new....
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At Work

Fly High

Streetwear rebel
A skateboarding obsession turned a young man's dream of a line of designer youth clothing into an icon

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How to

Being the best
You' ve got to be talented to work for the top firms. Here's what it takes to be a top applicant.
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By the Pro

Internship… More Than a Great Way to Learn
Many corporate doors are difficult to open by someone just starting out. Searching the jobs section in the....
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Drug Rehab Made Fun
Joint programme aims to encourage and rehabilitate patients through games and group activities in English.
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Writing a winning essay
The fourth Junior IMPAC Literary Award is now accepting essays from Thai teenagers. To encourage all to put....
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The need for speed
Radio Control Boat Club members get their thrills every weekend - without getting hurt or wet
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Volunteers struggle to save beach
Agence France-Presse SEOUL Using buckets, shovels and even dustpans, volunteers on Monday battled to save....
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Understand English

From the card games
Higher inflation on the cards for next year No, we are not talking about predicting the future by reading....
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Ask Dr. English

Using colons and semicolons
Could you please explain when to use a colon and when a semicolon?
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Toefl Test

Why so glum?
Read the dialogue and answer the question below.
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