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Abhisit leads beauty parade

Like any epic contest, the December 23 general election has given nail-biting moments to all contenders, particularly when for the first time in history a Thai election is lasting nine days.

Published on December 18, 2007

Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva must be feeling uneasy now, as polls still point for his party to win fewer seats than the People Power Party, particularly in the North and Northeast, strongly controlled by the former Thai Rak Thai Party.

But Abhisit should know he's on the right track in campaigning for votes in those two regions.

First, he is lucky to be such a good-looking guy - important for winning votes from female voters in the North. Asked whom she would vote for, a tobacco farmer in Chiang Mai said, "I'd opt for a handsome guy."

Indeed, if she lived in Bangkok, Abhisit would have gained one more winning vote and even more from her friends.

Still, Abhisit may not cherish this beauty factor, since he gives more value to his capability than his looks.

Luckily, his party seems to have the right policy. A Phetchabun voter who sells coffee at a petrol station said she was going to vote Democrat.

"I'd like to give the party a chance," she said. "Its policies seem to be good for the poor."

Like others, Abhisit must be yearning to know how many among the three million who cast ballots last weekend voted for his party. Too bad the election will only really end next Sunday, extending the painful moment.

Luckily, paper lasts longer than food; otherwise, the ballots would be rotten before they were opened and counted a week later.


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