Learning by doing

Without an IT degree, Araya Nokhong has forged a successful career and company in the fast-moving cut-throat....

Freshly Baked

Your Line

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At Work

Fly High

What's the Thai word?
Well-known movie translator Thanatcha takes us behind the scenes

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How to

The lure of tourism
Expert tips on what it takes to succeed in the service industry
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By the Pro

Ownership ... make it your own!
Employers today are looking for more than just an employee. They want someone who will commit to the company,....
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On December 19 and 20, four Thai students will get a once-in-a-life-time chance to experience weightlessness,....
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Writing a winning essay
The fourth Junior IMPAC Literary Award is now accepting essays from Thai teenagers. To encourage all to put....
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The need for speed
Radio Control Boat Club members get their thrills every weekend - without getting hurt or wet
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Awestruck crowd greets Thai king on 80th birthday
Hundreds of thousands of people filled the streets around Bangkok's glittering Grand Palace last....
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Understand English

Over and over
One of the many English words taken into Thai tongue is "o-wer" with the stress on the second....
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Ask Dr. English

Different and preposition
Which preposition comes after different; than or from?
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Toefl Test

Did you go to the parade?
Choose the best answer to the questions below.
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