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Democracy vs Corruption: Who's talking now?

The Voice" seems to have come from nowhere and yet appears to be everywhere.

Published on December 12, 2007

Its persuasive, inspirational power brings everything to a standstill, including the fiery soul-searching debate between Angel and Demon, whose ongoing ultimate showdown has left the Kingdom of Thailand in ruins.

Hello, my beloved compatriots. You must notice that the atmosphere in this room is quite strange. I'm not in Thailand, that's why. I'm in England. I'm living in virtual exile here. This is despite the fact that for about five to six years I devoted myself to serving the Thai people. I did everything I could to make you happy, to create opportunities for the Thai nation and people.

What I got in return, I have to admit, is a big shame. It's an injustice so extreme that I never imagined it would befall me. But it's all right. I can endure it.

What greatly concerns me, however, is the worsening state of our country. Your life is harder now. Foods on the table have become more expensive. And at the same time the prices of farm produce continue to fall, with nobody paying attention or taking any action.

All the basic problems - economic, social, the education of your children - have become greater now. It's no big surprise. We can't expect a government that didn't come from the people to really care about them or have a sense of responsibility toward them. Since things have come to this, I'm really worried about my Thai compatriots, about Thailand.

I have therefore told the former Thai Rak Thai MPs, whose party was dissolved, that if we really love the people and the country, and are worried about them, we should regroup. The people understand us well, and they know that we have been victimised.  And so they did regroup, under a new party. It's named the People Power Party. What a great name, as we can do nothing but ask the people to show their power. It's the only way to bring back prosperity, happiness and democracy. Most importantly, social justice must return.

What has happened in Thailand is due to the fact that you, especially those of you who had problems in your lives, received my full help and support.  Politics became strong and stable. That, unfortunately, was where the trouble began, because certain guys always felt that whenever politics was weak, they could reap benefits. So they plotted to weaken our politics. That's what happened. And when politics became weak, so did the people.

You must use your power to teach them that politics can't be weakened, because if it is, the people will also become weak. You will teach them by electing this one party in defiance. Elect the People Power Party and it's this people's power, my countrymen, that will bring back your happiness. And more importantly, my compatriots, when justice returns to Thailand, I will come home. I will come back to be with you. Please keep in your heart the People Power Party and all its election candidates.

Democracy: What was that?

Corruption: You tell me.

Democracy: Sounds like a voice from heaven.

Corruption: Or from hell.

Democracy: "The Voice" said he's in a London room.

Corruption: The same "Voice" told ESPN the other day how he wanted to take Manchester City to the Champions League and sign deals with Peter Crouch and Adriano.

Democracy: Surely you can't do that in hell.

Corruption: You're right. What I meant was, no matter how angelic "The Voice" sounded, it possibly could harbour demonic purpose.

Democracy: But what a touching message about the power to the people and stuff. I would deliver the same speech if I had to.

Corruption: And so would I.

Democracy: In fact, "The Voice" could be either of us, coming from our subconsciences. Maybe it's something that emanated from our battle.

Corruption: Bingo. Haven't I told you all the time that we are inseparable? I rest my case.

Democracy: Oh no. You tricked me into this.

Corruption:  "The Voice" belongs to both of us, admit it.

Democracy: No.

Corruption: We created him. And he needs us both to stay alive, and for both of us to stay alive.

Democracy: No.

Corruption: It's too late to say no, my other half. He's coming home.

And the World, Heaven and Hell continue to hold their breath...

(To listen to "The Voice", go to www.nationmultimedia.com. If you are already reading this online, please check out the video clip on our home page.)


Tulsathit Taptim

The Nation

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