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E-dividend payments set to rise

Thailand Securities Depository (TSD) plans to increase the number of shareholders receiving dividends directly through bank accounts - e-dividends - by another 110,000 next year.

Published on December 6, 2007

If the target is achieved, the number of shareholders re-

ceiving dividends electronical-ly through bank accounts

will increase to 770,000, or 70 per cent of total shareholders, said TDS chief Sopawadee Lertmanuschai.

Apart from e-dividends, Thai stock investors also have the option of receiving dividends via cheque. However, due to problems with returned dividend cheques, TDS is promoting e-Dividend.

TDS is a subsidiary of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), which provides post-trade services, including securities depository, securities clearing and settlement, securities and fund registration and a back-office service bureau.

Sopawadee said TDS also planned to increase the scripless numbers to 85 per cent.

"Thailand Securities Depository will improve our ef-ficiency to facilitate and offer convenience to service users at competitive costs. That will make us fundamental for international companies and a link to other stock markets in the region, which will play a significant role in strengthening the SET," Sopawadee said. "Thailand Securities Depository has prepared a working system to accommodate cross-border transactions and beef up the Thai stock market's competitiveness.

"We've planned to link with other securities depositories in the region in next year's fourth quarter, in order to support cross-border transactions," she added.

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