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Kitting out the modern exec

More than a decade ago, press conferences were where new products or projects were launched. Reporters did not expect to meet top executives, as showing up were only those in charge of the products or programmes.

Published on December 6, 2007

 The only way to meet the top guys was via exclusive interviews.

In recent years press conferences have been the major means by which corporate executives reach out to all media. Top executives are there to reveal company information, as doing so expands the client base.

Organisers now need to be innovative to draw media attention. Mascots and attractive presenters often add more colour.

Executives also have to show up in different styles to make the events unique. Usually clad in black suits and ties, they now front the media more colourfully clad.

Take Sigve Brekke, Total Access Communication CEO. Mostly, he turns up in jeans and T-shirt plus a jacket. Now he is as famous as a superstar for his easy-going style.

Betagro Group's executives also realise the importance of presentation. Before their press conference on Tuesday, they spent time on something crucial. On advice from a freelance publicist, CEO Vanus Taepaisitphongse and executive VP Vasit Taepaisitphongse went shopping at Siam Paragon to find new costumes for the event.

Vanus found himself a Paul Smith sweater while Vasit chose a G2000. The sweaters were cream to match the firm's theme in launching its Pure products.

In cream trousers, they looked casual enough to fit in with the new corporate strategy to reach out to high-end consumers. Pure's range is dubbed "lifestyle" products, targeting trendy people who can afford high prices for hygienic food materials.

The duo looked more like models than businessmen.

It seems that promoting executives at press events is getting more difficult. Imagine Prasert Bunsumpun, president of PTT, appearing in a petrol-station employee's outfit - that would be worth a picture.



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