A foreign focus

Stories and images collected from sixty years of international reporting on HM the King add up to a vivid and....

Book in The News

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Sunday Book Review

Teacups empty, saucers fly

Timothy Good keeps phoning home with evidence that the world's governments are covering up the alien....
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Under Discussion

Hopes watered down

The story of the Dutch engineer recruited in 1902 to irrigate Siam. No one was smiling after this episode ....
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Harper's Bazaar

The latest issue opens with the hottest looks from American television's biggest night - the Emmy Awards.....
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  • Contact Wounds

    By Jonathan Kaplan Published by Picador, 2007 Available at Asia Books
  • Buddhist Dictionary

    By Ven Nyanatiloka Published by Silkworm Books Available at leading bookshops, Bt370
  • Tuk-Tuk to the Road

    By Antonia BolingbrokeKent and Jo Huxster Published by Friday Books Available at Asia Books, Bt495
  • China Now

    By N Mark Lam and John L Graham Published by McGrawHill Available at Asia Books, Bt1,100
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Featured Authors

  • Creating a cop called Costa

    David Hewson, in Bangkok to unveil not one but two new novels, says if you only write what you know,....
  • Grace and fun and freedom

    In his second book on the subject, Brian Mertens remains effusive in his admiration for Thai art and design -....
  • Revealing the realm

    A new book on Angkor by photographer Martin Reeves transports the reader into a dream world
  • New light on Suu Kyi

    Justin Wintle once saw Burma's icon of democracy riding a bicycle at Oxford. He's learned a lot....
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Who's reading what

  • Donald D Kummerfeld

    Background: president of International Federation of the Periodical Press
  • Sheldon Shaeffer

    Background: director, Unesco Asia and Pacific Regional Bureau for Education, Bangkok
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New Release

Make yourself at home

An excellent overview of Asian decor from couches to cabinets, complete with a history of the lively trade in....
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Books of The Nationk

A tour of all the bad places

Lonely Planet creator Tony Wheeler holidays in what he expects to be Hell but often finds quite divine
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Book World

Poetry reading

Mong-Lan, a noted Vietnamese poet, will read from her latest poetry book on December 13, 8 pm-9 pm, at....
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