Living and working by design

He works hard and certainly doesn't make a lot from his creations, But freelance illustrator....

Freshly Baked

Your Line

  • The fun of Halloween horror

    Halloween is actually new to me because, since I grew up in Thailand, I never really got a chance to learn....
  • Life in Xi'an (Final part)

    Once the semester began, I made many friends from Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, United States, Germany and....
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At Work

Fly High

Chasing the dream
Young Samreth took a gamble and is now CEO of game developer Second Soft

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How to

How to be a DJ
Three professional DJs reveal their tips on what a good DJ should be
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By the Pro

Mobile Phones ... Cure or a curse?
I remember the time when there were no mobile phones and I often wonder if they have made things easier or....
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Competing to be green
Thanat Teng-Amnuay, a third-year student from the School of Architectural Design at King Mongkut's....
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Writing a winning essay
The fourth Junior IMPAC Literary Award is now accepting essays from Thai teenagers. To encourage all to put....
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Mosaic montages for fun, profit
Tiny resin mosaic pieces, buttons and beads scatter across a table at the Crystaline Mosaics Mirror Course.....
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Hungry Mexican flood victims turn to looting
Agence France-Presse MEXICO CITY Rescue workers and police were out in force helping flood victims in....
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Understand English

When you're milked
Milk is healthy; especially mother's milk, which is the best nourishment for a baby. However, milk as we....
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Ask Dr. English

Past tense VS present perfect tense
Could you please explain in which situation we should use past simple tense and in which past continuous, and....
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Toefl Test

I think our professor has gone nuts. He's telling us that agriculture was the worst thing that happened to mankind.
Choose the best answer to the questions below.
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