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Give yourself a reward

Meet moissanite, the stone that outshines the diamond and comes close to its strength - at a fraction of the price

Published on November 10, 2007

Give yourself a reward


Being strong and independent, the modern woman doesn't have the patience to wait for Mr Right to hand her a diamond and a proposal. She goes out and indulges herself in a rock, and one rock that will catch her eye - for price as well as beauty - is moissanite.

Kannika Supavanichyanon has just unveiled Gioielli Moiss, a new range of jewelled accessories made from moissanite that's perfect for women who think they're due for a reward.

Kannika, 32 - who never leaves the house without jewellery, especially earrings - says women continue to regard diamonds as a gift symbolising love. But she wants them to treat themselves to the excitement of the ice, as a reward having accomplished something, big or small, personally or professionally.

Moissanite, though relatively new to the Thai jewellery market, is increasingly popular in the US. It's a silicon carbide discovered in 1893 by French Nobel scientist Henri Moissan.

It is nearly colourless, but has more dazzle and sparkle than any other gem - more than twice as much brilliance as a diamond, and being almost as hard, it's supremely resistant to scratches and abrasion.

A decade ago the US-based Charles and Colvard Ltd discovered the technology to create sizeable moissanite crystals that could be cut into gems with maximum brilliances.

"Jewellery and women are inseparable," Kannika says. "It makes women feel good, confident and proud of themselves, in particular modern women in their 30s, 40s and 50s."

Kannika is one of those achieving women, having since youth helped her mother run the jewellery business that her late father established.

The firm exports fine sterling silver, gold and diamonds to the US, Japan and Australia. Five years ago they began importing moissanite as loose gems, but customers found them difficult to use as accessories. That's why Kannika formed her own brand, Gioielli Moiss, and has created her own designs.

"Moissanite isn't intended to be a diamond substitute," she says, "but a unique jewel with exceptional brilliance and fire that delivers quality and value at an affordable price - almost 10 times cheaper than a diamond."

There are two collections at the moment, "Pride" and "Glizt and Glam".

The first blends lines and geometric forms with modern art, making it ideal for trendy mixing and matching with confidence. The second is more elegant, inspired by nature's beauty, with flowers and raindrops.

The price, Kannika says, makes good sense in these days of fierce competition amid an economic slowdown.

"Women are more careful about their spending. They always check their feelings - whether they really like the piece - before buying. This is the advantage I have in manufacturing my own pieces. It allows me to sell a luxury item like Gioielli Moiss at a truly affordable price."

Kupluthai Pungkanon

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