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Ancient treatments, modern look

With anti-ageing treatments growing more sophisticated, homeopathy is rising in popularity

Published on October 30, 2007

Ancient treatments, modern look

Dr Nantapat Supapannachart, who uses homeopathy to rejuvenate the looks of her patients.

In recent years, talk of treatments for improving your appearance has often turned to lasers. But in the past few months there's been a buzz for the anti-ageing therapies of homeopathy.

Dr Nantapat Supapannachart, certified by the American Board of Dermatology and a founder of Apex Profound Beauty, says that homeopathy has been around since the 1830s. In its early days it was sometimes called the "Royal Medicine" because the British royal family utilised various homeopathic remedies.

"Homeopathy, in other words, is something like the Western equivalent of the Ayurvedic or Chinese traditional therapies that have influenced Thai medicine," explains Nantapat. "It's an alternative method for ensuring good health that has been proved to be safe and effective, with no side effects. The therapy is based on the principle, 'Like Cures Like'. This involves stimulating the body's own healing power, because when this energy is disrupted or not balanced, health problems develop."

Nantapat says homeopathy works like a vaccination, using extremely small doses of natural substances to stimulate a person's immune system to correct itself naturally, and to restore balance and health.

She adds that it's a gentle and holistic way of treatment. Taking it as a given that the mind and body are connected, poor emotional health can weaken the body's immune system, which will exacerbate the body's imbalances even further. "We need to pay attention to what helps us stay balanced, especially in these times of high stress and environmental pollution," she says.

But Nantapat wasn't a convert when she first encountered homeopathy.

"I used to be very sceptical about these treatments. Then, one of my overweight patients complained that she hardly eat anything but still couldn't shift the flab. I had a go at adjusting and rebalancing her metabolism with homeopathy and it worked. It also taught me that both alternative and modern medical methods can be used as treatments on the same patient," she says.

Unlike many therapies available for improving your appearance, homeopathy heals the body from within. In beauty centres it can be used to treat ageing and unhealthy skin, hormonal variations, obesity, allergies, immune-system dysfunction, chronic fatigue and more. Results of treatment include enhanced self-healing thanks to a strengthened immune system, better skin complexion, removal of toxins from the body and increased efficiency in absorbing nutrients.

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