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One explanation: Our economy turns on a celebrity spat

The soap-opera producers must be doing a jig around their cardboard offices now that the real-life adventures of Num, May and Khem seem to be at an end.

Published on October 29, 2007

Kritteera "Khem" Inpornvijit said as much in a TV interview. Kanchai "Num" Kamnerdploy, May Fuengarom and May's fellow street warrior Phatcharapa "Um" Chia-chua have all fled to Europe.

Still, it was better than anything on primetime, and it remains the talk of the town. Fortunes have soared and tumbled thanks to the bickering.

The winners:

lThe TV news shows, whose presenters suddenly found themselves with more viewers than a Liverpool-Arsenal match. Well, okay, almost as many.

lThe Emporium mall, whose parking lot was the Official Scene of the Crime, has joined the Grand Palace and that stupid crocodile farm among Bangkok's top tourist attractions.

lThe tiny, perfect Mini Cooper: Its manufacturers are considering a new slogan: "A car worth fighting for".

The losers:

lSoap-opera scriptwriters: When real life outguns reel life, what they heck are they going to do next?

lCentral department stores: Having been forgotten in all the free publicity showered on the Emporium, they're thinking of holding "Spot the Mini Cooper" contests in their parking lots.

lMercedes Benz: Its executives must be absolutely fuming that Khem - who's got a "red-plate" Benz in her vast collection of cars at home - gets into a tremendous public row over a bleeding Mini!


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