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Ask Melanee By Melanee petra

Last week's letter from "New Wife" has brought a number of responses from readers who wish to discuss her concern that her husband ("Mee") plans to go into business with his best friend "Daeng".

Published on September 20, 2007

He's going to invest all their savings, and even though a baby is on the way, he won't listen to his wife. I advised her to try to persuade the two new businessmen to hire a consultant with experience.

Dear Khun Melanee,

Your advice was perfect in both aspects. Even if it's a business in which they're skilled (if it isn't, they'd better not try), getting support from a consultant is almost mandatory.

Hopefully, the consultant will add two important factors that any new small-business owner must understand and be prepared for:

l You'll have to spend 12 to 18 hours a day, probably seven days a week, building the business and a client base (you spend the days when you're "closed" doing what you couldn't get around to while open);

l And you'll need savings to live on for at least six months, more likely a year, before the business produces a profit (if ever).

Been there, done that (unsuccessfully, I must add).


Dear PN,

Thank you for your comments. Too many people think that starting a new business requires only money. They soon find out that it also requires sacrifice - a sacrifice that involves the family as well.


I simply don't understand why you didn't bring up the "d" word - "divorce". A husband who ignores his wife's wishes and gambles their savings is not good material for a long-term relationship.

I say get rid of the jerk.

Sign me "X"

Dear X,

Your advice is a bit drastic, don't you think? Mee and his wife need to work out their differences, not dissolve their relationship at the first sign of trouble. As my dear mother used to say, if marriage was meant to be easy, God would not have invented compromise.

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