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Three steps to success in job hunting

The first semester for fourth-year university students is coming to an end, and once the second semester starts, it'll be time for seeking employment. I would suggest three steps before you begin job hunting.

Three steps to success in job hunting

Write your resume as best as you can

Write down a concise and true biography that is related to the proposed position. For example, it might be about the experience you earned in your internship or work you may have done while in college. Remember to put down your hobbies and personal interests, they will show your other abilities. For instance, if you work as an MC in your free time, it will show your leadership skills.

Your telephone number is another important thing - it should be a number that can be used to reach you at any time.

The resume must be easy to read, written correctly and should be in one piece of paper. You must also write a separate cover letter, which clearly specifies the position you want and why you are a suitable candidate for it.

Be ready for an interview

After submitting your application, get ready for an interview. In order to prepare, find out what you can about the scope of the job you've applied for and the company's profile. Learn about the size of the company, what it sells, where it is located, what its working culture is and so on. This information will help prepare you for the interview and will make you come across as eager.

In order to prepare, try asking yourself some questions based on your resume and cover letter, like:

l What do you know about the company and why do you want to work there?

l Why are you suitable for the job?

l What are your strengths and weaknesses and how can you improve?

l What do you expect from position you've applied for and what is your preferred working atmosphere?

Also, you need to revise your knowledge of the subjects you've studied, and think of ways to adapt this knowledge for the job. Lastly, wear formal clothes and be punctual to show how professional you are.

Be impressive at the interview

Apart from arriving on time and being polite, I would suggest you stick to the "3Vs" during the interview.


Always smile during the interview and maintain eye contact with the interviewee. Don't shake your leg or fidget while speaking.


Sound confident, but not too loud or too soft


Answer questions in a positive manner. If you are asked about your previous working experience, try to give a clear picture of what you have done.

If you are well prepared, no matter what situation you may face at the interview, I guarantee that you will be successful.


Apiradee Pattanaleenakul

SCG Recruitment Manager

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