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Have you noticed the bush outside the canteen?

Choose the best answer to the questions below.

Woman: Have you noticed the bush outside the canteen?

Man: There's a bush?

Woman: The one right next to the bus stop.

Man: Yeah. And?

Woman: Haven't you noticed anything particular about it?

Man: No, not really. What's the point?

Woman: It's bearing fruit and you don't notice it.

Man: Here we go again! Come on! You know I'm a number cruncher not a tree hugger.

Woman: That's not what I mean! This bush is actually camouflaging its fruit.

Man: And it's not supposed to do that?

Woman: Tell me one fruit-bearing plant you know of that hides its fruit.

Man: Cannabis!

Woman: Very funny! Seriously, a plant wants to spread over as large an area as possible otherwise the new growth impedes the old one. That's why fruit is usually brightly coloured. It's like advertising, "Eat me!"

Man: I wouldn't want anybody to eat my children.

Woman: But then, you're not a plant either.

Man: Certainly not! I am what I eat.

1. What is the woman excited about?

a. an unusual plant

b. the flavour of a fruit

c. that evening's dinner

d. the man's involvement

2. How does the man feel about the woman's excitement?

a. indifferent  b. humiliated

c. patronised  d. encouraged

3. What subject does the woman most likely study?

a. Law   b. Biology

c. Engineering  d. Business administration

4. What subject does the man most likely study?

a. Accounting  b. Social science

c. Landscape design d. Physical education

5. Which of the following would the man prefer to eat?

a. salad   b. aubergine

c. hamburger  d. minestrone

Answers   1. a, 2. a, 3. b, 4. a, 5. c

By Mr. Test

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