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Batik's international chic

Indonesia's most famous designer has dressed everyone from world leaders to pop stars. Now he brings his shimmering creations to Bangkok

Published on September 10, 2007

Batik's international chic

Adjie Notonegoro, batik designer to the powerful and famous, brought his latest showcase to Thailand recently.

Headlined "Batik, Heritage of Indonesia", the show hit Bangkok on Indonesia's Independence Day.

The Bangkok event follows successful outings in Boston, Washington, the Hague, Paris, London, New York, Madrid and Canberra.

Features of the designer's work are his traditional blouses, or kebaya, haute-couture wedding gowns and clothing for devout Muslims.

The 46-year-old learned fashion design in Dusseldorf, Germany, and opened his House of Adjie boutique in Jakarta in 1987.

Since then he has dressed Indonesian leaders, international celebrities and even world leaders, notably members of the G-15 attending their 2001 summit in Jakarta.

He is the exclusive batik designer for former US president Bill Clinton, one-time United Nations' secretary-general Kofi Anan, the Sultan of Brunei and his family, and entertainers like Mariah Carey.

In his latest show he has refined the ankle-length skirt and long-sleeved top into form-fitting attire in exquisite, light-reflecting patterns.

These sparking embellishments embroidered into the fabric highlight his outfits in batik, chiffon, lace and velvet.

Notonegoro has managed to transform traditional Muslim attire into the height of fashion, and through batik he's committed to bringing Indonesian culture     to the rest of the world. He's backed by Indonesian embassies and the country's tourism ministry, who vigorously promote his shows.

Kupluthai Pungkanon

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