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Read all about it!

Struggling law student becomes household name after career change

Read all about it!

Always keeping one's eyes and ears open and never getting bored with the same thing - these are just two of the qualities possessed by Meesuk Jangmeesuk.

Meesuk, or Kai, 33, made her name as a television news presenter for the former iTV, Channel 5 and Channel 3.

"It's like being a glass of water that's never empty," says Kai, who is happily devoted to her work. "Try to be open and understand things around you the way they are. Life is tough: don't take it as a burden but a challenge."

Ten years ago nobody had heard of Kai.

She was struggling with a law degree and was not happy.

"I didn't realise how unhappy I was. Fortunately my mother did, and she guided me about my future study," Kai says.

She swapped to study broadcasting. In her third year she attended an iTV contest for hopeful reporters.

"I didn't make the final, but I applied to be a trainee journalist at the station. I tried to do everything I could, gathering news, getting the latest information, all kinds of things.

"To me, being a trainee doesn't mean making coffee or waiting for lunch."

After getting her degree at Bangkok University, Kai landed a job at iTV. She started a postgraduate degree in journalism and mass communications at Thammasat University.

Back at iTV she was working on writing scripts and digging up stories on the entertainment beat.

She was with iTV for four and a half years until a move took her across town to Channel 5 and, most recently, Channel 3, where she is a news anchor and analyst.

"Reading news and talking about it are totally different," she says. "When you are reporting news it is only the facts. You don't show any opinion."

But if you don't understand the news, how can you pass it on to viewers?

Kai always keeps abreast of current events by listening to reports and reading newspapers and magazines.

"A news commentator tries to make it easier for viewers to understand. The first thing you have to do is to master it yourself, then present it from the heart," Kai says.

Other factors for success are a pleasant personality, courtesy, diligence, enthusiasm and optimism, she says.

Kai has put her heart and soul into her work, and her passion for her career is great.

"I don't think I'm a huge success, but when I do something seriously, I throw myself into it completely.

"My life's beyond my dreams. When you have a dream, it's you don't have to succeed right away: just try and try again, and you'll get it.

"Keep in mind that if you fail, others can laugh at you, but don't ever do that to yourself."

See Kai on Ruongden, Channel 3 on Saturdays and Sundays at 5pm and Woman to Woman on weekdays at 8.35pm.


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