Taking the Right Step

An exchange programme means a select few can become Stanford students for three weeks

Freshly Baked

Your Line

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At Work

Fly High

Earn a degree in MICE
For the first time ever, Thailand is offering a degree in Exhibition Management with the aim of educating....

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How to

Who are they going to call?
Make yourself stand out in the crowd to nail that prime job.
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By the Pro

Not quite like a free Sunday
It's that time of the year again - the place is teeming with new graduates wondering what to do next.....
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Feeling nervous about the upcoming internship?
Don't know how to prepare yourself? Here are some suggestions:
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Guide to collegiate life
Two university officials give students a year-by-year plan to succeed in school.
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Coming back to the real world: Perd (Kra) Pong Convent
There are no famous actors or actresses. There is no professional director or playwright. There are only....
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Language Lab

Press Clippings

Hunt for Lord Lucan turns to New Zealand
A former Scotland Yard detective has been called in to investigate claims that the long-sought Lord Lucan is....
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Understand English

The phrasal verb "tie up"
Even though "tie up" in today's headlines is not a phrasal verb, the fact that it has so many....
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Ask Dr. English

Rapeseed and flaxseed/Hanged or hung?
Are rapeseed and flex seed the same?
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Toefl Test

I'm so excited! It's the first time I'm on stage.
Choose the best answer to the questions below:
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