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Feeling nervous about the upcoming internship?

Don't know how to prepare yourself? Here are some suggestions:

Feeling nervous about the upcoming internship?

Do your homework

Once you know who you will be interning with, try and find as much information about the firm as you can.

For instance, find out what the company specialises in, what's its work culture like, how it's structured and what exactly it sells.

Warat Bangpiandee, 23, an under-graduate from Sripatum University and an ex-apprentice with the PTT Public Company, says this knowledge will show how eager you are to train with the company.

"What if you are asked to give basic information about the company and you don't have a clue? It would be such an embarrassment and people might think you were 'forced' to intern with them."

Revise your knowledge

Another benefit of learning about the company beforehand is that it would give you a general idea on what you should revise on before facing the real thing.

"Some students might discover that the training requires knowledge about things they had studied in their first or second year in university and they might have already forgotten it," says Asst Prof Supawadee Photiyarach, director of Sripatum University's Co-operative on Education and Job Placement Centre.

"For example, if they are engineering students whose scope of training is to survey a dam-building process, then they should see where their knowledge is lacking. This way they will have time to re-study or ask for help from their adviser."

Dress preparation

At university, you might not have had much control over what to wear, but once you're an intern, it's a different story.

"Of course, a tight shirt and short skirt is an absolute no-no. Also be careful about the colour of your brassiere. Black or dark bras should not be worn under light coloured shirts," Supawadee advises.

Male students should have their hair trimmed and not wear jeans or accessories such as earrings.

However, this doesn't mean you have to wear your university uniform all the time.

"If your work requires you to go on a lot of field trips, you might need to dress more suitably - for instance, high-heeled shoes would not be appropriate in this case," said Apiwan Seigsuedchap, 22, fourth-year student at Sripatum University. "It would be best to first find out what you'll be doing and where you'll be working before you decide on your wardrobe."

Prepare your training gear

Pens, notebook, correction pen, calculator and a handy drive are the things you should always take to work.

"These thing are very useful and you won't forget what you need to do," advises Warat.

"Jot down everything you learn and what your supervisor tells you. You can always turn to these notes when you need to do a similar assignment."

Apiwan, 22, adds that this will also show the company how serious you are. "Try not to borrow any office accessories - it will only show that you are unprepared for your job."

Apiwan was a former intern with Electricity Generating Plc.

Expect the unexpected

Being mentally prepared is very important, especially if you end up interning with students from other universities.

"In some workplaces, this could lead to favouritism and comparison," Supawadee says. "You must be prepared for this pressure. Use patience and your readiness to learn and improve your skills and value."

By Watchara Saengsrisin

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