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I'm so excited! It's the first time I'm on stage.

Choose the best answer to the questions below:

Man: I'm so excited! It's the first time I'm on stage.

Woman: Yeah! The first time can be quite exciting.

Man: Do you think there will be talent scouts around?

Woman: Talent scouts? Get real! This is the annual play welcoming freshmen, not a Broadway show.

Man: Everybody starts small.

Woman: I thought you were a biology major. If you want to become an actor, why didn't you take up performing arts?

Man: Who knows, I might still do it.

Woman: Time for a reality check! You have a minor part in a campus play. You're not going to get an Oscar for this.

Man: You really think I am that good, do you?

Woman: For crying out loud! How thick can you get? Someone should save you from yourself and pull you off this play.

Man: I don't get it. First you ask me to join your troupe, and now you want me to leave. I think you're just jealous.

Woman: Jealous? Look, we're all doing it for a lark. None of is so naive as to expect any more to come of it.

Man: That's because you're not as good as me.

Woman: And why would that bother me?

1. What does the woman think of the man?

a. Unrealistic

b. Far-sighted

c. Professional

d. Disillusioned

2. What does the man study?

a. Biology

b. Performing Arts

c. Cinematography

d. Mass Communications

3. Why is the woman performing in the play?

a. Just for fun

b. To earn lots of money

c. To get closer to the man

d. To be discovered as an actress

4. What does the woman mean when she says, "How thick can you get?"

a. She admires the man's tenacity.

b. The man's argument is reasonable.

c. She thinks the man is getting too fat.

d. The man doesn't understand the obvious.

5. If you are "naive", you are…

a. Sexy

b. Talented

c. Beautiful

d. Immature

Answers: 1. a, 2. a, 3. a, 4. d, 5. d

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