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Rapeseed and flaxseed/Hanged or hung?

Are rapeseed and flex seed the same?

Rapeseed and flaxseed

Dear Dr English,

Are rapeseed and flex seed the same? Thanks for your explanation.

Vichit Choonhapreut


They are not the same but both kinds of seeds are sources of very healthy edible oils.

Flex seed or flaxseed is the seed of a kind of plant called "flax" (Linum usitatissimum, Linaceae), also known as common flax or linseed. It is a plant with pale blue flowers about 1.5-2.5cm in diameter, with five petals. Flax is grown for both its seeds and its fibre. Various parts of the plant have been used to make cloth, medicine, fishing nets and soap.

Flaxseed seeds produce a vegetable oil known as linseed oil or flaxseed oil, which is high in omega-3. Native to areas from the eastern Mediterranean to India, it is one of the oldest commercial oils and has been used for centuries as a drying oil in painting and varnishing.

Rapeseed (Brassica napus) is also known as rape, oilseed rape, rapa, rapaseed and canola, and belongs to the cabbage or mustard family. The seeds belong to a plant with bright yellow flowers. The interest in this plant derives from the high oil content and protein the seeds provide. It is used in the production of animal feed. Rapeseed oil is regarded to be very healthy because some special varieties have low erucic acid, making them desirable edible oils.

Hanged or hung?

Dear Dr English

Which word should be used in the following sentence, or are they interchangeable since some verbs such as "learn" have two past forms? "The prisoner was hung/hanged at the town square where hundreds of people were watching."

Natenaree Paleesakoon

It is correct that some verbs have two past forms and still maintain the same meaning - this is usually because of the difference between British and American English - but there are also some that don't. "To hang" is one example. The past forms of "to hang" are "hanged" and "hung" and they convey different meanings.

In fact, there is only one situation when "hanged" is used; that is when it means to kill a person by tying a rope around his/her neck and taking away the support under their feet. Otherwise the past form "hung" is used for any other situation. So the verb form in your question should be "hanged".

Sam hung Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" on his bedroom wall.

When my son was just a little boy, he always hung his towel whereever in the house he was tall enough to reach.

He hung many amulets around his neck.

Finally, the serial killer was hanged to the big relief of the town folk.

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