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"Study Hard and You Deserve a Celebration"

Want to experience different things while in school? Then Australia should be top on your list. The culture there is so "happening" that you may actually be distracted from handing in your assignments on time.

"Study Hard and You Deserve a Celebration"

Besides, you won't have time to miss your family and friends. There are so many Asian students studying in Australia.

So, like the Aussies say, "no worries, mate" - everything's easy and unique.

The one thing I remember while doing my masters in Melbourne University, Melbourne, was the opportunity to taste the vast variety of cuisine from different countries. In Australia, every small celebration turns into an amazing affair.

There are so many hip restaurants and clubs to go to, and Melbourne, despite being famous for having four seasons in a single day, is definitely a hub for multicultural cuisine. From the sparkling eateries in Chinatown to the filling Italian dishes on offer in Lygon Street - the choice is endless.

Head to Brunswick if you fancy digging into Middle Eastern food, or stop off at a streetside café along Fitzroy Street.

And if your finances don't exactly allow a blowout, you could consider organising a potluck at a friend's home. These gatherings, featuring delicious dishes prepared by students from different countries, became quite a routine for my classmates and me.

Also remember that the Aussies are famous for their barbecues. Nothing can more perfect than spending a warm summer afternoon with burgers sizzling on a barbecue pit at the Alexandra Gardens along the Yarra River.

Since every day is a "G'day" like the Aussies say, time spent Down Under can be full of unforgettable moments.

Ary Pratama

Graduate of Melbourne University




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