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Why didn't you come to the party on Saturday?

Choose the best answer to the questions below:

Man: Why didn't you come to the party on Saturday?

Woman: I wanted to but we got flooded.

Man: But you're not living on Desperation Drive, are you?

Woman: No! But that's not the only part of town that went under in the rain; only they seem to have been hit the worst.

Man: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything I can do to help?

Woman: Nah, thanks. Luckily it wasn't that bad for us. We don't have a basement and downstairs is my father's garage; not that much lying around on the floor.

Man: I'm glad to hear that. The weather's been really crazy lately. Do you think that has anything to do with global warming?

Woman: I really don't know. I've just read an article saying that weather comes from the cosmic rays Earth passes through ever so often.

Man: Sounds a bit far fetched to me.

Woman: They do seem to have the figures to support it though.

Man: With a bit of wishful thinking, you can find figures to support about anything.

1. Why didn't the woman attend the party?

a. She wasn't invited.

b. She didn't like the people there.

c. She had an emergency at home.

d. She went but the man didn't see her there.

2. Which part of town was affected worst by the flood?

a. The man's home 

b. Desperation Drive

c. The woman's home 

d. The venue of the party

3. What does the man blame the bad weather on?

a. Tectonic shifts  

b. Haley's comet

c. Global warming 

d. Biological warfare

4. What does the woman believe causes the bad weather?

a. Sun spots

b. Cosmic rays

c. Alien invaders 

d. Martian microbes

5. What describes the man best?

a. Brave

b. Callous

c. Sarcastic

d. empathetic


1. c, 2. b,3. c, 4. b, 5. d

by Mr. Test


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