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Anantara Golden Triangle as the top eco-friendly hotel

Anantara Resort Golden Triangle named in top 10 eco-friendly hotels in Asia

Anantara Golden Triangle as the top eco-friendly hotel

Swimming Pool with a view at Anantara Golden Triangle Resort

Anantara Resort Golden Triangle was recently selected by Agoda.com, the most visited travel website in Asia Pacific, as one of the top 10 Eco-friendly hotels in Asia. Only 2 other resorts in Thailand are chosen by this very famed website specializes in tourism, hotel information and reservations.

The resort, one of the most luxurious in Northern Thailand is renowned for it's many efforts to protect the environment and promote environmental conservation.

An undisputed highlight of a guest's stay and the resort's conservation efforts would have to be a visit to the elephant camp. Set within the resort's lush bamboo forest, the camp is home to six adult and two baby elephants - all rescued for a life of begging on the streets. The animals are cared for by their local mahouts (drivers) and English-born resident Director of Elephants, John Roberts who is also a qualified mahout himself. On an on-going basis, Roberts works closely with the Thai government's Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang (located 600km north of the Thai capital Bangkok) to develop Anantara's camp as an elephant sanctuary.

In addition, the resort protects and tries to re-introduce to the area indigenous wildlife and birds which may have died-out in the local eco-system or migrated elsewhere. The extensive grounds of the resort have been maintained as a safe heaven for wilds birds. Guests are also able to take guided tours along nature trails and for keen ornithologists the resort's teeming forest and nearby river-banks provide plenty of bird-watching opportunities.

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