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Digital maps for drivers

GIS Data in cooperation with Mando Map & Soft, a Korea-based company, is providing a digital map with 300,000 points of interest nationwide.

Published on July 31, 2007

Supavadee Phantumvanit, managing director of GIS Data, said the company's digital map, called SpeedNavi, had navigation information for travellers who wanted to get to their destination in a short time using digital devices such as Personal Digital Assistant phones and personal navigation devices.

The SpeedNavi is a series of digital maps at ratios of 1:4,000 in metropolitan areas and 1:20,000 in country areas with information accuracy up to 95 per cent. The maps' information will be updated once a year. The maps display more than 300,000 points of interest around the nation.

"The SpeedNavi not only utilises technology to allow drivers get to their destinations on time but also reduces travel time since the digital infomation safely navigates drivers to destinations," said Supavadee.

GIS Data provides the information and digital maps. Meanwhile, Mando Map & Soft takes care of the system and distributing the licensed software to suppliers.

She said the firm now distributes digital map licences to digital-device suppliers Mio, Asus, Shinco and Tube. It also provides OEM products for auto-manufacturers to bundle the digital maps in cars. The firm expects that in the first year it will distribute more than 10,000 packages.

"I believe the digital-map navigator will prove popular since it is an emerging market compared with countries such as Korea, which has more than one million digital devices bundled with digital maps," said Supavadee.

Jang Won Choi, director of Mando Map & Soft, said the SpeedNavi would allow travellers and PDA-phone users to get to their destinations on time.

Jirapan Boonnoon

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