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The acceleration of change ... and what it means to you

It's no illusion. Change is accelerating and its volatility is increasing.

The acceleration of change ... and what it means to you

Why? Increased connectivity. More people have immediate access to more information than ever before. What does that mean to organisations and young people today?

It means everything.

For the organisation, it means making faster decisions, becoming more adaptable; more flexible. Since most of our organisational systems are not designed for flexibility, this requires a great deal of adaptation. Adaptation, by the way, is the primary rule of survival in nature.

For the individual looking to contribute value to an organisation and improve their chances of survival and success, it means being willing to take certain risks our parents did not have to take. It means thinking differently. It is not that former generations thought the wrong way - it's simply adapting to a current reality that is certainly different than theirs.

In the past few years there has been a merging of technology and the sciences and the result has been a giant leap forward: computers, mobile phones, the Internet, genetics and biotechnology. The list continues to add new words to our dictionaries and new meanings to life. It will, as it evolves, challenge everything we hold true.

Organisations have to reassess traditional approaches as they are too slow to compete in today's market. People must reassess traditional thinking about career planning.

Opportunities have to be chosen or discarded in seconds. Look at the stock market today compared with 10 years ago.

I believe the most important skills organisations and people can learn today are creative-thinking skills, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills.

Everyone admits we are in the "Information Age". I say it is time to move to the next.

Welcome to the "Thinking Age".

By DR Bill Gould

Human resources director

Wall Street Institute, Thailand


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