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Rising from the ashes

Ten years after the financial crisis The Nation ran stories about people whose businesses had been destroyed by the floating of the baht in 1997 but managed to "rise" again. The headline was Rising From the Ashes.

In an organisation, when an employee rises from a lower level to a higher one they become more important or successful. We say they have "risen through the ranks".

Stuart rose from an ordinary salesperson to manager four years after he joined our company.

Stuart rose through the ranks to become a manager in four years.

But if someone rises to fame, they become famous.

The political crisis in 1964 saw many young politicians rise to fame because of their struggle to end the military regime.

"Rise" is, in general, connected with the action of moving up or increasing;

Interest rates have risen in the past 10 months.

Or, when emotions rise, they start to increase or get stronger and they affect your thoughts and behaviour.

Being granted financial support, the spirit of the protesters has risen.

But when a parliament or a court rises, they are not getting emotional but simply finishing work for the day.

During the irregular session, the parliament rises at 5pm.

I would like to end the subject of "rise" with an old saying, "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". It tells us a person who gets enough sleep at night and starts working early will be successful in life.

We can also say "early to bed and early to rise".

Next is the word "ash" which is different from "ashes". The first is the grey or black powdery substance of something, such as wood, which has been completely burned.

After the storm everything was covered with grey ash from the factory.

"Ashes" means what is left of something after it has been destroyed by fire, especially a body.

After his cremation, his wife and children came to collect the ashes the following day.

 Now back to the headline, "Rising From the Ashes" means success from what was once destroyed, or in this case the economic crisis.


Complete the sentences with the words explained 


1. Sorry, you have to come tomorrow, the court for today.

2. She emptied the from her stove before putting pieces of charcoal in to make fire.

3. The two child actors to instant fame in a movie called "Fan Chan".

4. Nagasaki was left in after the American dropped the atom bomb.

5. Agatha started her career as a junior accountant as soon as she graduated and through the ranks ever since.


Answers: 1. has risen, 2. ash, 3. rose, 4. ashes, 5. has been rising


By Ajarn Parnsap Yomanage



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