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So, you're going to drop out, then?

Choose the best answer to the questions below.

Man                 : So, you're going to drop out, then?

Woman            : Why would I want to do that?

Man                 : I thought he proposed to you.

Woman            : You weren't listening! Not yet! But I can tell he'll do it Friday night. He's invited me to this really romantic restaurant and said it's a special occasion.

Man                 : That's what I mean! You're not going to turn him down, are you?

Woman            : Why would I? We've been together for nearly three years, we're both seniors and he's got himself a well-paid job at a reputable firm already.

Man                 : But isn't it a woman's job to stay at home and raise a family?

Woman            : What century do you live in? I'm sure Paul expects me to do more than just stay home and spend his money.

Man                 : That's not exactly what I said! I grew up in a family of five. My mom wasn't just sitting on her rear-end spending my dad's money.

Woman            : Whoha! Cool it! I wasn't accusing your mother of anything but I'm not exactly pregnant either.

Man                 : Yeah! Right!


1. What does the man expect the woman to do when he says, "You're going to drop out, then?"

a. refuse the offer

b. faint from excitement

c. blush due to embarrassment

d. resign from studying at university


2. What does the woman expect to happen on Friday?

a. The woman is going to cook special food.

b. Her boss is going to give her a promotion.

c. The man is inviting the woman to a restaurant.

d. Her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him.


3. Which of the following words describes the man best?

a. up-to-date                b. progressive

c. metropolitan  d. old-fashioned 


4. What does the man mean when he says, "Yeah! Right!"

a. He has made the woman pregnant.

b. He is certain the woman is lying to him.

c. He believes the woman is not pregnant.

d. He knows that the woman's boyfriend wants children.


Answers: 1. d, 2. d, 3. d, 4. b


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