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I have no idea what to bring to Susan's birthday party on Friday.

Choose the best answer to the questions below

Woman             : I have no idea what to bring to Susan's birthday party on Friday.

Man                  : Oh, so the party is on Friday. Why so late? Wasn't her birthday on April 2 already?

Woman             : Not quite. Actually it falls on April Fools Day. But her parents were in town so she wanted to spend time with them and they are certainly too old for one of her parties.

Man                  : Yeah! Her parties sure are something! I just hope Jack doesn't go streaking around the block like he did the last time.

Woman             : In any case we don't have to worry about the booze; she'll have plenty of it.

Man                  : What about bringing something to eat? I'll just grab a couple of pizzas on the way there.

Woman             : How can I compete against a couple of pizzas?

Man                   : Don't be like that! Why don't you make one of your fantastic potato salads? They're awesome!

Woman             : Like at Jake's? My potato salad provided the core ammunition for the food fight.

Man                  : That was just a coincidence. Before the fight everybody had some and they did enjoy it.

Woman             : Perhaps I should add some colour, just in case?


1. When is the party going to be?

a. a month ago  b. last Tuesday

c. coming Friday d. Monday in a week


2. When is Susan's birthday?

a. April 1 b. April 2

c. May 22 d. August 4


3. What are Susan's parties like?

a. wild                              b. boring

c. high-class                    d. intellectual


4. What adjective describes the man best?

a. pessimistic                   b. encouraging

c. disillusioned                d. philanthropic


5. Why doesn't the woman want to take potato salad?

a. Nobody likes it.

b. It is too expensive to prepare.

c. She doesn't know how to cook it.

d. People like to throw it at each other.


Answers  1. c, 2. a,  3. a, 4. b, 5. d


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