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Rampa Manoosin : Sun Microsystems (Thailand)

A successful career for a new manager shows the ready acceptance of woman in senior roles

Published on July 17, 2007

Rampa Manoosin : Sun Microsystems (Thailand)

Rampa Manoosin, 44, has been promoted to be the general manager of Sun Microsystems (Thailand) since early this year. She is another one of Thai woman who promoted to be top executive of the large multinational company in Thailand.

She has been working for Sun Microsystems (Thailand) since past 10 years when the company just entered and expanded its business to Thailand for two years.

    Previously, Rampa has been known as the marketing commu¬nication manager   before becom¬ing the marketing manager of Sun Microsystems (Thailand). Since early this year, Thai IT industry has one more woman to climb to top managerial level of MNC as Rampa stepped up to become general manager of Sun Microsystems (Thailand), to oversee the overall operation of the company in Thailand, report¬ed to only one executive in higher position than her, managing director, Andrew Lim.

    She started her career at the company since last 10 years with marketing field oversaw UNIX systems of Sun, a 2year fully subsidiary company with only 12 employees. Ten years went by the company has totally 80 employ¬ees, who are under her.

    Rampa's role is to oversee the overall operation of the com¬pany, especially sales because of strengthen of Sun as sales com¬pany. Throughout the 10 years, Rampa and teams has been initi¬ated and developed a lot of mar¬keting and channel programs to promote brand awareness of Sun in Thai market as well as to encourage the Thai IT industry as the whole with introducing new technology especially Java technology, both of developer tools and Java Technology Forum as well as a lot of Java initiatives between Sun and its partners, including the government and universities.

    Currently, Thailand has totally Java certified about 2,000 people. It was expected by indus¬try expert that Thailand aimed to have globalstandard certified software engineers, Java Certification around a half of 10,000 to 15,000 people by 2010.

    Many people may not know that how her today of life come?

    Rampa has chosen her cur¬rent way of life since she was bachelor degree student at ABAC University (Former known ABAC Collage) for 27 years ago when she chose to study Computer Business as her major. At that time computer term was very quite new for Thais but Rampa dared to deal with it.

    She said that she though computer was interesting because it was dynamic and there were new technologies every time. After she graduated bache¬lor degree from ABAC, she start¬ed her career at SVOA with sales representative for PC.

    "At that time, when you though to buy PCs, you must though of SVOA company. Khun Jack Min Intanate was my inspi¬ration. When I applied for a job there I told Khun Jack that I was afraid that I could not be sales because I was not talkative. But Khun Jack encouraged and cheer me up with the sentence like this as long as you can talk to me like this I believe you can talk to cus¬tomer as well," said Rampa.

    Three years later, she had moved to oversaw mainframe product name 'Hitachi'. As a sales manager her responsibility was to sell Hitachi mainframe that was very challenge time for her because with small teams but she had to complete with the giant market leader IBM.

    "Selling mainframe in the past almost 20 years was classic task for me. The challenge was that how we convince the large banks, as target cus¬tomers of mainframe, to believe and confident to buy product from us. Mainframe was a big investment," said Rampa.    

But she proved of success with the two large deals of Bangkok Bank and True Corp (Former known as Telecom Asia). She sold Hitachi mainframe for two years before changing her life to join with the new technology trend at that time: UNIX system. She moved off SVOA to work at General Data Company to sell UNIX machine for only five months.

    Then she moved again to work with Hewlett Package (Thailand) as Channel Manager oversaw HP UNIX Systems for one and a half year.

    The time she moving, the overall computer industry had also moving with the change from mainframe era to UNIX era as well.

    "Mainframe market was limited. There were only 10 sites totally of mainframe industry. And technology was changing to UNIX based instead," said Rampa.

    Her role here was to develop HP's channel and business part¬ners. Instead, working for dis¬tributor like SVOA and General Data, she did the direct sales. After she had established strong channels for HP UNIX, she was promoted to oversee PC and printer business for corporate account. At this time she could merge her sales skill for PC and Printer and channel skill to serve her role as well.

    Her life was changed again when she was pregnant for three months. She had some unusual with her pregnant because she has a lot of stressfulness from her sales works.

    "I must choose between my son and work. Doctor asked me to stop working or to change to do a job with less stressful. I decided to move from sales field to work in marketing field. I moved to work for Sun Microsystems (Thailand) in mar¬keting field in 1997 until now," said Rampa.

    Her today successful and life path is reflecting that Thai women have been more and more acceptable and recognized as the top executive for multinational company. Her life was deigned and decided by herself since 27 years ago.

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