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Check Point Data Security Products Now Support Windows Vista

Large organizations deploying Windows Vista can now protect sensitive data with leading Pointsec encryption technologies

Published on July 16, 2007

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., an Internet security software company,

announced the latest version of Pointsec PC 6.2, a full-disk encryption solution, for

laptops and desktop PCs, to protect enterprise computers running the Windows Vista operating system.

Offered as a seamless upgrade for existing enterprise customers considering a move to the Vista platform, Pointsec PC 6.2 includes data protection support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Microsoft Server 2003 and popular Tablet platforms. Pointsec PC also works easily with Linux-based systems, and operates transparently to the end user regardless of platform. It offers strong authentication and boot protection options with fixed or dynamic passwords or second factor support of all major tokens and smartcards.

"With over 158 million personal records compromised due to data breaches since early 2005 (#1), full-disk encryption is a component in the overall security architecture," said Laura Yecies, the vice president of marketing at Check Point.

She said that full-disk encryption solutions would help protect all the data, not just the operating system in the boot partition. With Pointsec PC installed, sensitive information is

protected where it is most vulnerable.

Comprehensive data protection is a critical component of an end-to-end security plan for any organisation. Full-disk encryption can keep sensitive data such as customer records, intellectual property and other business information inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Additionally, it helps an organization meet relevant regulatory compliance standards.

Check Point offers solution thatv can deploy and scale to any size organisation. Its Pointsec solutions help protect data not only on laptops and desktops but also on PDAs, smartphones, USB drives, and other removable media by combining encryption with access control. This ensures all data remains protected.

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