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Sipping Siam

Cocktails featuring Thai ingredients are the latest trend at Bed Supperclub

Sipping Siam

Lying on a comfy sofabed, listening to chillout tunes and sipping delicious drinks is the best way to enjoy Bed Supperclub. The minimalist ultra-white bar is now wooing clubbers with its new Oriental cocktails featuring Thai fruits, herbs and alcohol. Bartender Justin Dunne has spiced up ordinary cocktails and turned them into festive, funky and sensational treats.

"Cocktails are supposed to be fun, that's why they were invented in the first place," says the veteran bartender from California. "Cocktails are child's play. They are also performance-oriented, and allow you to play around with garnishes and ingredients. Sometimes there's no limit to what you can do, and you can do it because it's a cocktail."

Cocktails, in Dunne's dictionary, mean a lot of fun. As the head bartender at Bed Supperclub, he never lets a chance go by to do a cocktails mash up. One time, to complement the show of Studio 54's legend DJ Nicky Siano, Dunne produced a cheeky creation of a series of vodka-based concoctions on a mirror along with a strip of white powder. Oohing and ahhing for a split second and secretly praising Bed Supperclub for such generosity, many of the guests found out a minute later that the white powder was actually sweet vanilla to be tasted with the drink. "You can have something raunchy and perversely sexy, like cocktails called Screaming Orgasm, Sex on the Beach, and Blow Job. And you get away with it. You can let your imagination run wild."

Dunne recently introduced the five new Seasonal Thai Cocktails (all Bt400), which stylishly blend Western alcohol with Thai ingredients. The results are attractive and colourful. Using familiar Thai herbs and fruits, Dunne tries not to shock his patrons with startling tastes but at the same time encourages them to expand their horizons.

Jasmine & Lychee Sabai Sabai Martini is a must if you like a tinge of sweetness to your martini. Made with 42 Below Vodka, lychees and jasmine syrup and topped with rose wine flavoured with hibiscus flower, the outcome steers clear of being too dry or syrupy. And a sip packs a fair punch of alcohol. The sweetness of lychees and the aroma of jasmine go well together. But if you want something a little tangier and more refreshing, get yourself a glass of Lemongrass Macadamia Nut Margarita (Herradura tequila, Cointreau, lemongrass, lemon and lime juice and rich macadamia nut essence). The tequila complements the lemongrass perfectly and goes equally well with the citrus juice.

A surprise is the aftertaste of macadamia nut in your mouth. Smooth and not too strong, the macadamia taste helps balance the flavours.

Cold Guava Pie (butterscotch, Absolut Vanilla, rose-apple juice, apple schnapps, topped with fresh guava foam) tastes and smells like apple pie, especially after the glass is rimmed with a Graham cracker crust. Apart from the sweetness from most of the ingredients and the assorted fragrances from the fruits, you get the thick creamy guava foam to enjoy.

The Thai Bloody Phet Mary (a Bloody Mary with chilli peppers, lemongrass, mango juice and pepperoni) is inspired by Isaan flavours. The sweet and sour mix features the rustic tastes of chilli, lime and pepperoni, making it feel like sipping a laab moo - pork and herb salad. A grasshopper garnish is optional. The other cocktail on the menu is the Thai Cosmopolitan (Grey Goose L'Orange Vodka, roselle juice, pomegranate-infused green tea, Cointreau and lime).

Non-drinkers can try a Bangkok Lemonade (Bt200). Featuring lime, lemon, lemongrass syrup, ginger, cayenne pepper and maple syrup, this makes for a really refreshing mouthful.

"I want to create cocktails out of more local alcohol, like Thai rum or sato [rice wine], and maybe use more eccentric herbs," says Dunne. "The staff here sometime bring me leaves and plants I've never seen before. I want them to be very Thai, very authentically Thai and use mostly local ingredients."

Dunne has worked as a bartender in many clubs in the US and Europe, including local legends like California's Stratton Bar & Grill and Ireland's Pink Elephant. And in his time in Los Angeles, he was voted one of the Top 10 bartenders in one

of the most competitive mixing scenes in the world.

Bed Supperclub

Sukhumvit Soi 11

BTS: Nana

7.30pm to 1am daily

(02) 651 3537

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